Momoka: Goal of a Nice Body, de arimasu
桃華 めざせナイスバディ
Momoka: Mezase Naisu Badi de arimasu
Season +
English Funimation anime title Extreme Makeover: Momoka Edition
Air date October 23, 2004
Related to manga?
Momoka: Goal of a Nice Body, de arimasufalse
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Momoka: Goal of a Nice Body, de arimasu (桃華 めざせナイスバディ であります Momoka: Mezase Naisu Badi de arimasu) is the second part of the 30th episode of the anime Keroro Gunso.




  • Dororo and Mois don't appear in this episode.
  • Natsumi makes 4 cameos in this episode, even though she has one dialouge; it's "I love you!"
  • Aki make 2 cameos in this episode, including her image on the DNA Snacks.
  • In some contries, there are the couple scene that are censored:
  1. The scene where Giroro is transforming himself into 3d model and singing Afro Gunsou song is cut in the Italian vesion completety due of time constraits, and replaced with the scene of the second gadget. But the other contries shows this scene without a problem.
  2. The scene where Keroro is adding more data to make Giroro's body more sexy like an adult woman is cut in Chinese and Italian vesions due of his sexual body being more mature.
  3. The scene where Keroro drops a DNA Snacks and then Momoka pick it up and say what's this is cut in the Chinese version due of censorship of Aki's breasts, and the scene of DNA Snack with Aki's image on it is also cut.
  4. The scene of Momoka's adult body after eating some DNA Snack and become more like Aki is cut in Chinese and Italian vesions due of mature censorship.
  5. The scene where Momoks's calling Fuyuki to see her mature body, but he mistakes he as his mom is cut in the Italian vesion completely due of time constraits. The scene ends when Fuyuki looks on Momoka and goes to the next scene where Giroro is shouting on Keroro for wasting money to buy Gunpla instead.
  6. The scenes of Momoka and Paul's mature bodies with Aki's DNA were cut in the Chinese vesion due of censorship.
  • The scene of Giroro shooting his weapon Keroro has become a regular Running Gag, this scene will be reused in another episode.


  • When Keroro tells Giroro to jump on the Metal Virgin, his tongue is completely colored white, maybe they forgot to color it.

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