First appearance Keroro Land Volume 42
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian
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Monana (モナナ) is a character from Keroro Land.


Monana is a cat based Keronian that has yellow skin, a heart pattern around her tadpole markings, she has a round tail, and green eyes. She wears an orange cap with long cat ears and orange flaps with blue outlines with a large brown button on her left ear. Her symbol is a white cat's head with an upside down red triangle, mimicking an excited cat.


Monana's name comes from her creator's name, Monaka.

Designer Edit

Monana's creators name is "モナカ" ("Monaka") from the Art submission.


  • Monana's creator, Monaka, is also Nuii's creator.
  • Monana is the Orikero 'Persoana' or 'Self-insert' of Monaka.

Gallery Edit

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