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Viperjounnosuke VS Super Sakura Poyon

Viper jirocho and Poyon.

Jirocho viper, a distant viper relative, lives at a theme park in Tokyo Japan, looking for the almighty silver sword of his that was lost from him when he fought with a samurai girl (later to be revield in the episode that it was poyon .) 500 years ago. Jirocho, a tv characer had the same face as viper Jirocho's back pattern. when Keroro and the platoon sneak off at night into the theme park, to play around ,mostly to meet the legendary Jirocho, which is said to be good luck and very hard to do. It is later revealed that Jirocho, small ,cute and furry as he is, is a viper samurai.(aparently all samurai vipers had furry backs.)


Back: he has a very furry back that, looks like a animal head

Eye: he has yellow eys in a triangle positoin like garuru .

Skin: he like all vipers , has purple/blue skin.

all vipers apear to have a gun for a right hand, violet skin. purple lips, yellow triangle like eyes with slits for pupils. although most vipers look the same this viper has no gun and instead carrys a sword. he also has alot of hair on his head and back. (strangly enough, you can still see the V with the two O's on top to make the jirocho face.)

VIPER FAMILY: The family of Viper (ヴァイパーVaipā) is considered the ultimate enemy ofKeronians. Each member of the family is distinguished by his relationship with the original Viper that first appeared in the series.

All Vipers are voiced by Nobuo Tobita.

All though he escaped the police once, he got captured 500 years later (The same time angol mois got here, but took a nap.)

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