Netghost Pipopa
Netghost pipopa p
Genre Comedy, Science fiction
TV anime
Director Shinichiro Kimura
Network TV Tokyo, ATX
Original run April 6, 2008March 29, 2009
Serialized in Kerokero Ace
Game: Netghost Pipopa×DS@Big Adventure!!!
Platform Nintendo DS
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Netghost Pipopa (ネットゴーストPIPOPA(ピポパ) Nettogōsuto Pipopa), also known as Net Ghost Pipopa, Web Ghost Pipopa, and with the capitalization PiPoPa, and also known as just Pipopa, is an anime series. It is also serialized as a manga series in Kerokero Ace.


The series revolves around a grade school kid, Yūta Akikawa (秋川 勇太 Akikawa Yuuta), who was sucked inside his cell phone into the Net World (ネット世界 Netto Sekai), or the Internet. There, he meets three netghosts (ネットゴースト nettogōsuto), Pit (ピット Pitto), Pot (ポット Potto) and Pat (パット Patto), collectively known as Pipopa, whose goal is to become the greatest netghosts. Netghosts are independent beings in the Net World.



  • Yūta Akikawa (秋川 勇太 Akikawa Yuuta)
  • Hikaru Sofue (祖父江 ひかる Sofue Hikaru)
  • Mamoru Shindo (進藤 守 Shindou Mamoru)
  • Kazushige Enoshima (江ノ島 カズシゲ Enoshima Kazushige)
  • Shuzo Matsushita (松下 シュウゾウ Matsushita Shuuzou)
  • Kosuke Kitayama (北山 コースケ Kitayama Kousuke)
  • Karin Yukitani (雪谷 花梨 Yukitani Karin)


  • Pit (ピット Pitto)
  • Pot (ポット Potto)
  • Pat (パット Patto)
  • (プー)
  • Net Venus (ネットヴィーナス Netto Vīnasu)

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