Ninpo (忍法 Ninpou, literally meaning "Ninja Art") are attacks and techniques shown in the Keroro Gunso franchise.

List of TechniquesEdit

  • Ninpo: Utsushimi (忍法 写し身 Ninpou Utsushimi, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Counterpart")
  • Ninpo: Kawarimi no Jutsu (忍法 変わり身の術 Ninpou Kawarimi no Jutsu, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Body Replacement Technique"): This is called Ninja Art of Substitution in the Funimation dub.
  • Ninpo: Kore Kore Yoi de wa Naika no Jutsu (忍法 これこれよいではないかの術 Ninpou Kore Kore Yoi de wa Naika no Jutsu, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Such and Such Why Not Technique")
  • Ninpo: Mizu Tatsumaki (忍法 水竜巻 Ninpo Mizu Tatsumaki, literally meaning "Ninja Art: Water Tornado"): This is called Water Tornado in the Funimation dub.

Koyuki NinpoEdit

Koyuki Ninpo (小雪忍法 Koyuki Ninpou, literally meaning "Koyuki Ninja Art")

  • Koyuki Ninpo: Tsurara Otoshi (小雪忍法 氷柱落とし Koyuki Ninpou Tsurara Otoshi, literally meaning "Koyuki Ninja Art: Icicle Drop")
  • Koyuki Ninpo: Fubuki Gakure (小雪忍法 吹雪隠れ Koyuki Ninpou Fubuki Gakure, literally meaning "Koyuki Ninja Art: Blizzard Hiding")

Dororo NinpoEdit

Dororo Ninpo (ドロロ忍法 Dororo Ninpou, literally meaning "Dororo Ninja Art")

  • Dororo Ninpo: Hyotan Fuji (ドロロ忍法 瓢箪封じ Dororo Ninpo Hyoutan Fuuji, literally meaning "Dororo Ninja Art: Gourd Sealing")
  • Dororo Ninpo: Hirame Oyogi no Jutsu (ドロロ忍法 ヒラメ泳ぎの術 Dororo Ninpou Hirame Oyogi no Jutsu, literally meaning "Dororo Ninja Art: Flounder Swimming Technique")
  • Dororo Ninpo: Psycho Flame (ドロロ忍法 サイコフレーム Dororo Ninpou Saiko Fureemu, literally meaning "Dororo Ninja Art: Psycho Flame")
  • Dororo Ninpo: Uki Kurage (ドロロ忍法 ウキクラゲ Dororo Ninpou Uki Kurage, literally meaning "Dororo Ninja Art: Floating Jellyfish")
  • Dororo Ninpo: Chikyu-Shiki Henge no Jutsu (ドロロ忍法 地球式変化の術 Dororo Ninpou Chikyuu-shiki Henge no Jutsu, literally meaning "Dororo Ninja Art: Earth Style Transformation Technique")

Kigae NinpoEdit

Kigae Ninpo (着替え忍法 Kigae Ninpou, literally meaning "Changing Clothes Ninja Art")

Uchu Kagaku NinpoEdit

Uchu Kagaku Ninpo (宇宙科学忍法 Uchuu Kagaku Ninpo, literally meaning "Space Science Ninja Art")

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