The Nishizawa Peach Group (NPG) is a fictional group in Keroro Gunso. The group is owned by Baio Nishizawa, and controls over half of the Earth's wealth.


Baio was born to the inheritance and when he reached the age of marriage, he chose Oka Nishizawa as his wife, after fighting and successfully beating her.[1] He also managed to beat a man named Paul Moriyama who, in a deal, was then asked by Baio to join his corporation. After a couple years, Baio and Oka's first child named Momoka Nishizawa was born and both parents couldn't be prouder. Baio then taught Momoka how to be lady like and how to handle business, while her mom taught her how to fight and protect herself.


  1. Keroro Gunso Episode 160

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