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Nontruma (ノントルマ Nontoruma) are creatures in the anime and manga series Keroro Gunso.


In Keroro's childhood memories, these are what Keroro's grandfather used to refer to earthlings.[cite this] They were actually a race of beings that live at the bottom of the ocean, who has built an undersea empire long before humans evolved. The Keroro Platoon met them when they were in the ocean. Only two had been seen up close; the others were just red lights from afar the two that were seen were an ancient white shark with red eyes in its mouth and a mermaid (Nonteruma girl) whom Fuyuki Hinata befriended. Nonteruma are revealed to be Anomalocaris, believed to be extinct.

Nontruma girlEdit

Nontruma girl
Voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro
Gender Female
Species / Type Nonteruma
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Nontruma girl (ノントルマの少女 Nonteruma no shoujo) is a girl that Fuyuki Hinata once met in the beach when The Keroro Platoon took a trip conquering the ocean with Fudgie the Sub (submarine). They met when Fuyuki got stranded with another one of Kururu's inventions on the shore. NG laughed at Fuyuki, and Fuyuki yelled at her. She fell over backwards and scratched her arm. Then Fuyuki started picking up trash with her. When Fuyuki left to go research the ocean with Keroro, she saved him. She is actually a mermaid, and she doesn't wear a top. NG approves of anyone trying to help the sea.

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