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Ph 14
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 188
Keroro Land Volume 4
Anokoro Keroro Gunso 1st Season
Voiced by Kurumi Mamiya
Gender Female
Species / Type Keronian-form doll
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Nuii (ヌイイ) is a member of the Shurara Corps, appearing in Keroro Gunso, Keroro Land and Anokoro Keroro Gunso.She is voiced by Kurumi Mamiya. In Anokoro Keroro Gunso, a different Nuii is a member of Team Keroro.



Originally an abandoned Keronian doll, Nuii was brought to life by Shurara and was made a member of the Shurara Corps as Seamstress Nuii (お針子のヌイイ Ohariko no Nuii). When Natsumi shows Nuii the ribbon (which was put on the abandoned doll), Nuii finally understands that Natsumi still loves her. In the end, Nuii returns to Keron Planet to find her person who took care of her since young.


Nuii is an orange doll. Her pupils are large buttons and she has rosy cheeks. Her symbol is a yellow button with a cross at the center that lay on her forehead, stomach, shoulders, and hat flaps. She has stitches on the side of her legs, arms, and hat flaps.


Nuii can turn an enemy into a doll with needles that she shoots out of her arm. She can also change her appearance to look like another similar doll, and hover a few inches off the ground.


Like all dolls, too much fatigue can tear Nuii apart.

Relationships Edit

Gyororo- Gyororo and Nuii were partnered up to go and kill Keroro. Gyororo treated Nuii very poorly, he commented on Nuii being nothing, but a doll. And after Nuii betrayed Gyororo, He started ripping her stitching.

Natsumi- Natsumi had Nuii (Known as Kuu-Chan) when she was younger, and did everything with her. Natsumi's mom than made Natsumi leave Kuu-Chan at a Garbage pile. A few years later, Natsumi found Nuii exactly the same, and Natsumi brought her home. Natsumi was unaware of Nuii turning her friends into dolls, and when Fuyuki, Keroro, and Kururu confront her, Natsumi says they're wrong and she runs away with Nuii. After Nuii reveals to have done it, Natsumi still can't believe it. However, Nuii seems to still remember Natsumi, as when Nuii was about to attack Natsumi, after seeing her bow she stops. Nuii even stopped Gyororo from harming them. Later on Nuii says good bye to Natsumi to search for her owner, the one that took care of her.

Pururu- It is strongly hinted that Pururu was the owner that Nuii was talking about. Pururu took great care of Nuii.

Toriri- In Anokoro Keroro Gunso, Nuii was placed on Team Keroro. Toriri seems to take care of Nuii, and treat her much better than the other members.


Nuii's name derives either from "nuu" (縫う, to sew) or "nuigurumi" (縫いぐるみ, stuffed animal).


  • Her creators name is "モナカ" (Monaka) from the Art submission.
  • In Episode 188, Nuii partners up with Gyororo


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