Ph 13-6
First appearance Keroro Land Volume 4
Gender Male
Species / Type Axolotlian Nyororo
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Nyonyo (ニョニョ) is a Nyororo turn into a Axolotlian or an Axolotlian experiment appearing in Keroro Land


Nyonnyo is a light blue Axolotl with two gills, he has one dark aqua eye on his face, the white part of his eye is pale yellow, and the inside of his mouth is gray blue. His hands and his arms are two Nyororo's with one dark aqua eye, and two gills. He wears a bright cyan's hat, and his emblem is a dark blue nyororo head with a black dot in the middle.


Nyonyo's name is named after what he originally was, a Nyororo.


  • Nyonyo is the second known Axolotlian, the first being is Sumomo.
  • Nynono is also the first fan submited Axoltian.


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