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First appearance Warrior Kero: Debut! Planet Sengoku Ran Big Battle!! (Informal Debut)
Keroro Gunso Episode 211 (Formal Debut)
Voiced by Mamiko Noto
Aliases O-Mois
Age 12-15 (Estimation)
Gender Female
Species / Type Alien Humanoid
Date of birth (On Planet Sengoku)
Occupation Dango Worker, Onigari Worker,Grilled Squid Stand Owner, Postal worker, Photographer and a possible logger.
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O-Moa (O-モア) is one of the characters in the Warrior Kero series.


O-Moa is a helpful, odd worker who helps The Warrior Keroro Platoon throughout their time on Planet Sengoku, acting as their guide.


She looks like Angol Mois, which confused Keroro in the beginning.[1] She has pale blond hair tied in a short pony tail held in by a red bow tie, a orange clip that looks like a small demon. She has amber eyes, light red blush dusting her cheeks and tan skin. She wears a short pink kimono with brown edges and a huge, brown, loosely tied obi. Her kimono has a small onigiri pin on her left side. She wears a light beige with a huge onigiri mark on the front. She wears white knee length socks, red geta and she wears a green wristband, similar to Mois.


O-Moa was born and raised on Planet Sengoku, she was their when the Warrior Viper Brothers appeared to take over. She is seen doing many jobs, including being a dango shop worker, a rice ball shop worker, a grilled squid stand owner, a postal worker for Momohime, a photographer and possible a logger.

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