The Occult Club (オカルトクラブ Okarutokurabu) also known as the Paranormal Club in the Funimation dub, is a club in Kissho Academy that is devoted to finding and talking about Paranormal stuff, including Aliens.

Another Occult Club was made in Inner Tokyo's junior high school, in which the founder was Tomosu.[1]

Members Edit

The Occult Club members

The Occult Club with Rei Kinoshita.

Fuyuki Hinata - The President of the Occult Club, and it's founder in Kissho Academy. He created the club hoping that Occult lovers would join him.

Momoka Nishizawa - The first and only consistently appearing member of the Occult Club. Momoka joined it to get closer to Fuyuki. She is also a large supporter and funder for the club, due to her wealth.

The newer Occult club members

The newer Occult Club members at their Halloween Party in File 16.

Chiruyo Tsukigami - A member of the Occult Club, she also joined it to spend time with Fuyuki. It is unknown if she quit the KSG Newspaper Club to join the Occult Club or if she's doing both.

Rei Kinoshita - A former member of the Occult Club. She joined the club to get closer to her Good Luck Stone, which Fuyuki had.

Tomosu Hinohara - The Founder of the Junior High Occult Club and a member of Fuyuki's Occult Club. Though it is unknown why Tomosu created the club, he probably did it for Occult fans just like Fuyuki.

Myou Kaneami - A member of the Junior High Occult Club. Myou was one of the first members to join Tomosu's Occult club, and the third to join Fuyuki's after Tomosu and Shin.

Shin Keroro - Shin Keroro is a member of both Tomosu's and Fuyuki's Occult club. Despite being an alien himself, Shin usually joins in the clubs activities.

Alisa Southerncross - A possible member of the Occult Club. Alisa was shown to join in on the club's party (Scaring Shin Keroro) and is shown hanging out with Fuyuki, Tomosu and Myou, though she is probably far too busy hunting down monsters.

Trivia Edit

  • The club originally had a badge given to each member, however they have never been seen again.
  • It is unknown if Momoka joined the club in the Flash series.
  • Most members of the club have seen or are partners with a Keronian.
  • Fuyuki and Momoka once did an occult themed haunted house for the school fair, and when the Junior High Occult Club members went in, they were scared senseless. This was possible due to the Keroro Platoon being frozen in terror after trying to invade the school.[2]

References Edit

  1. Keroro Gunso Volume 23
  2. Keroro Gunso Volume 25 Encounter 229: Keron De Culture!

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