First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 347–A
Voiced by Masako Nozawa (Japanese)
Aliases Aurara
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
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Orara (オララ ), sometimes called Aurara (アウララ) , is a character that appeared in Episode 347-A (侵略者のオーラ であります侵略者のオーラ であります / A King's Aura) of the Keroro Gunso anime, in which the first half of the episode is a tribute to Dragon Ball Z.



Orara is a red Keronian wearing a maroon cap long points on his cap. He also wears gold bracelets, his symbol resembling three honeycombs.



Orara originally inspired Keroro to invade using the phone, due to his high levels of aura. Keroro himself aimed to be just as nice and charming an invader as Orara was. Orara himself saw Keroro as nice, thanks to him letting him stay at The Hinata's House. He also saved the planet with Keroro's help and Keroro was extremely disappointed when Orara revealed that he wasn't really an invader.


  • Orara's voice actor is Masako Nozawa, the same voice actor that voiced over Goku.


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