Pururu Pk

Pururu in the form of Pekoponian.

A Pekopon Grade suit is similar to a normal Pekopon suit. Pekopon Grade suits will actually change the user's body. As with the normal suits, the user just goes in where the head is supposed to be and controls the suit from the inside. The Pekopon Grade suit will resemble a Pekoponian better than a normal suit. The colors of the suit will vary according to the color of the user. The first to use it is Sumomo, as seen in Episode 12. For example, Pururu's features are shown on the suit. Keronians use this technlogy a lot the blend in with the Pekoponians. Angol Mois has one too as she took the form of a bully when she finally came to Pekopon and has used this form mainly throughout the show. Not all Pekopon Grade suits will have the user's symbol. Only high ranked people can use the suit, like Pururu and Sumomo. (She is Chief Medic and is part of an A ranked platoon. The Keroro Platoon is an F ranked platoon.) In the third movie, Miruru also used the Pekopon grade suit as well from an unknown history and yet her intelligence might be match to A Rank. Another Keronian, Namumu is seen using the Pekopon grade suit in the manga Volume 18, but his rank is unknown. In episode 320a, the Keroro Platoon used special pekopon grade suits to fool Natsumi.


  • Bariri uses a pekoponian grade suit to disguise himself to be closer to Pururu in episode 320b.


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