Planet Submission Weapon
First appearance Keroro Gunso Volume 5 Encounter 38: Beat the Heat! Attack From Below!!
Keroro Gunso Episode 27–B
Keroro Gunso the Super Movie
Occupation To invade planets, when all others fail
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Planet Submission Weapons (惑星制圧兵器 Wakusei seiatsu heiki)are ancient weapons in the Keroro Gunso franchise.

Description Edit

These ancient robots are found in an underground cave in Pekopon. They resemble large clay dolls with big round eyes, specifically, Shakokidogu. Their arms can open to reveal metallic weapons inside, ranging from canons to electric wires. There are several different models, each one with different marks outside, resembling the different individual symbols of the Keronians.

Abilities Edit

The Planet Submission Weapons are flight capable, able to reach high speeds in this mode, and also can attack with built in flame throwers, beam cannons and electric wires. They can also use explosive attack from their eyes, which shine red while attacking, and attempt to crush their targets by descending rapidly against them. They have been shown acting automatically and also with a pilot controlling them from a cockpit.

Due to their age, they are actually fairly fragile. In the manga, Tamama and Giroro defeat three of these robots with a Tamama Impact and standard hand held weapons, dismissing them as useless relics from ancient times.[1]

History Edit

These robots were found by the Keroro platoon while they used the Magma Swimmer looking for sources of hot water. They stumble in an underground cave, and find the abandoned robots there, alongside a message, written in ancient Galactic language. Another group of aliens, after staying on that planet for many years, was unable to complete their invasion. They decided to leave their job for the future generations. In that place, they hid Planet Submission Weapons. The weapons activate automatically afterwards, but are defeated by the Keroro Platoon.

In Keroro Gunso the Super Movie, another Planet Submission Weapon is seen and immediately recognized by Giroro. This one, however, is a vehicle piloted by Mirara, who claims to be a weapon designer of the ancient Keronian army. It turns out that these weapons were actually used by ancient Keronians, the same group of invaders that left Kiruru and Mirara in Pekopon.

In the Funimation dub, these weapons are said to be created by lizardmen from the planet Lizardono, something that conflicts with the later events of the Super Movie (which hasn't been dubbed by Funimation).


  1. Keroro Gunso Volume 5 Encounter 38: Beat the Heat! Attack From Below!!

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