Pluto as it appears in the anime

Pluto as it appears in the anime.

Pluto (also known by the symbol ♇) is a dwarf planet.

It is featured in episode 146 of the Keroro Gunso anime. In it we are introduced to two Plutonians: Mei Kujo and Karon, aliens who are native to Pluto. They go to Pekopon to remind the Earthlings that Pluto is still a planet, However, everyone continues to forget including the Keroro Platoon. Fuyuki Hinata is the only one who really remembers her. Her and her planet are suffering from the danger of being wiped from existence because no one really remembers Pluto anymore. The Plutonians thrived off of their importance on Earth and cannot survive without someone thinking about their planet. Unfortunately, Mei's efforts failed, and she along with with the rest of Pluto disappeared. The only thing remaining is the planet itself.

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