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First appearance Keroro Gunso episode 11
Voiced by Mayuko Omimura (Japanese)
Maxey Whitehead (Funimation)
Age 14-19
Gender Female
Species / Type Alien/Human
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Poyon (ポヨン) is a Space policewoman in Keroro Gunso.

She is usually seen descending in a slow rotary motion from a portal in her entrances and as she does so she normally repeats the phrase, "Heave ho! Poyon go! Heave ho! Poyon go! Sorry guys. This is slow. Why so slow? I don't know!"

"Poyo" is a typical word she uses in her sentences.

She is appeared in 400 years ago of Satan. And she is very annoying and somehow she can interfere with earth laws without the military or police finding out.


Trivia Edit

  • In episode 290a, She was thought to have a crush on Paul Moriyama, but at the end of the episode , it turned out that she really wanted to ask Paul to be a space police man.

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