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556 and 5884! de arimasu +Yumiko Ishii  +
556: My Feelings! de arimasu +錦見楽  +
556: The Specialist At the Front Line, de arimasu +Makoto Koga  +
Aki Hinata: Dynamite Woman, de arimasu +岩岡優子  +
Aki: Becoming An Invader, de arimasu +Yumiko Ishii  +
Aki: The Earth's First Line of Defense! de arimasu +錦見楽  +
Alisa & Nevula: First Onsen, de arimasu +竹知仁美  +, 糸島雅彦  +
Alisa: First Mama!? de arimasu +Kazuyuki Igai  +
Big Three Mysterious People: The Smallest Match on Pekopon de arimasu +Takuro Shinbo  +, 高瀬健一  +
Brother (character) +HZISBRlAg  +
Chibi Kero vs. Chibi Fuyuki de arimasu +Kazuyuki Igai  +
Chibi Kero: Playing is not Allowed de arimasu +?  +
Dangal Lands, de arimasu +Kazuyuki Igai  +
Do Yuho +WHEnSKBzGjEGRw  +
Dororo and Koyuki: A Beautiful Friendship, de arimasu +Fumitoshi Oizaki  +
Dororo: Doro-rou Is Here! de arimasu +Kazuyuki Igai  +
Dororo: Farewell, Platoon, de arimasu +Kazuyuki Igai  +
Dororo: Man In the Iron Mask, de arimasu +Masahiko Itoshima  +
Dororo: My Mission Is Surely the Invasion, de arimasu +Takuro Shinbo  +, 中島達央  +
Dororo: The Forgotten Warrior, de arimasu +Fumitoshi Oizaki  +
Duel! The Third Molar, de arimasu +Yumiko Ishii  +
First television +PAzsLArxcsUdiQuIO  +
Fuyuki Meets a Girl, de arimasu +Yumiko Ishii  +
Fuyuki: Envoy Of Nontruma, de arimasu +Yumiko Ishii  +
Fuyuki: From a Distant Ocean Came a Turtle de arimasu +Fumitoshi Oizaki  +

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