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556: The Specialist At the Front Line, de arimasu +Space Deputy KOGORO Presents: Lost ACTION Hero!  +
Ah, What a Shock! A Special Gero Gero 30 Minutes, de arimasu +My Goodness! My Guinness Record!  +
Aki Hinata: Dynamite Woman, de arimasu +The Curious Case of Aki Hinata!  +
Brother (character) +EIGimpBjfOgzoAm  +
Chibi Kero: Playing is not Allowed de arimasu +?  +
Do Yuho +iUFqGMEbecaL  +
Dororo and Koyuki: A Beautiful Friendship, de arimasu +Dororo & Koyuki Present: Viper? I Hardly Even Knew Her!  +
Dororo: Escaping from Trauma, de arimasu +I Won't Cry With a Little Help From My Friends  +
Dororo: The Forgotten Warrior, de arimasu +Dororo Presents: The Frog that FRIENDS Forgot!  +
Duel! The Third Molar, de arimasu +Sgt. Frog vs. the CAVITIANS of Cavity 9!  +
First television +PQgoWGSnK  +
Fuyuki Meets a Girl, de arimasu +Make SUBS, Not War! ...Then Make WAR!  +
Fuyuki: Envoy Of Nontruma, de arimasu +20,000 LEAPS Under the Sea!  +
Fuyuki: Welcome to the Frightening World, de arimasu +Fuyuki Presents: Night of the LIVING ROOM!  +
Giroro: A Little Angel on the Battlefield, de arimasu +It's the Belt, STUPID!  +
Giroro: Rescue Mission of Love, de arimasu +Love in the Time of Color T.V.  +
Giroro: The Most Dangerous Man in the Universe, de arimasu +Giroro Presents: Blood Violence Death Kill!  +
Has default form +gmyQgpRMs  +
I am Sergeant Keroro, de arimasu +Meet the Sergeant!  +
Inner Momoka: The Story Behind Her Betrayal, de arimasu +The DARK MOMOKA Saga, part 2, and More Pool Fun!  +
Izumi Kitase +ZtLxofTFBQExM  +
Keronians VS Pekoponians: Finally, an All-out Battle? de arimasu +War and PC!  +
Keroro Lands, de arimasu +Sergeant Keroro Presents: The Episode that SHOULD'VE Come First!  +
Keroro Platoon Retreats! Good-bye, Pekopon, de arimasu +A Farewell to Arms, Legs, and Other Froggy Parts!  +
Keroro Platoon: On TV! de arimasu +Fantasti-cool Keroro Presents: FAKE it 'til you MAKE it!  +

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