First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 265
Aliases Pooh
Species / Type Gel Dolba
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Puu is an alien that appeared in the second half of episode 265.


He was a purple spike covered creature that the Keroro platoon found while stuck on a planet because their ship was broken due to space turbulence. The Keroro platoon first found him in the cave where they were hiding. Puu was eating what was left of their food and as soon as they found out Keroro got angry, Giroro tried shooting him but he dodged his blasts and Tamama got so angry because he ate all the food so he decided to eat Puu but he broke his teeth on his hard shell. Kururu told them to calm down because once Puu got big enough from eating (the food becoming his energy source) he would turn into food.

Dororo said it was a bad idea to eat Puu but Keroro did not listen while Dororo did his ninja meditating Puu did some bonding with the other members.

Then came the day when Puu was big enough to be eaten. His purple plates came off and he looked like a blob of orange jelly. Keroro, Giroro, Tamama and Kururu were ready to eat him but Dororo stopped them. Keroro said he was annoying and pushed him out of the way. He then told Giroro to shoot Puu, but he did not want to shoot him so he passed the gun to Tamama but he did not want to shoot him ether so Tamama and Giroro said to each other that he should shoot Puu. Keroro was getting annoyed and hungry so he thought he had to do it himself but In his heart he could not do it as well so he dropped the gun and yelled Puu's name in a sad voice only for the platoon to get eaten by Puu and after nature took it's course Puu sprouted wings and flew to places unknown leaving the platoon stuck in a strawberry flavored, whipped-cream-swirl-shaped excrement.

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