Season 1 is the first season of the Keroro Gunso anime series. It is composed of 51 episodes and was released in Japan on April 10, 2004 to March 26, 2005. It was released by Funimation in 3 box-sets, which was labeled as both Season 1 and Season 2.

Songs Edit

Opening Song
  • Ending songs


1A. I am Sergeant Keroro de arimasu
B. Keroro Lands de arimasu
2 A. Momoka & Tamama: Move Out! de arimasu
B. Momoka & Tamama: Land at the Hinata Household de arimasu
3 A. Keroro: Critcal Point Breached de arimasu
B. Keroro: Secret Mission Begins de arimasu
4 A. Giroro: The Most Dangerous Man in the Universe de arimasu
B. Keroro: Rain with a Slight Chance of a Dangerous Man de arimasu
5 The Song of Men Who Love Their Toys de arimasu
6 A. Momoka: Love-Love Operation de arimasu
B. Momoka: Ghost Operation de arimasu
7 A. Mois: Her First Time Destroying the Earth de arimasu
B. Tamama vs. Mois: Result of Tamama's Loss de arimasu
8 A. Keroro: The Plan for Invasion is Proceeding Perfectly de arimasu
B. Keroro: The Base Constructed Full of Mistakes de arimasu
9 A. Natsumi: Come on the path of love Kururu de arimasu
B. Aki Hinata: Dynamite Woman de arimasu
10 Duel! The Third Molar de arimasu
11 Keroro Platoon: On TV! de arimasu
12 A. Sumomo: An Idol Goes Beyond the Universe de arimasu
B. Giroro: A Little Angel on the Battlefield de arimasu
13 A. Dororo: The Forgotten Warrior, de arimasu
B. Dororo and Koyuki: A Beautiful Friendship, de arimasu
14 The Team of Five! Probably the Greatest Plan in History de arimasu
15 A. Momoka: The Inner Momoka Appears de arimasu
B. Inner Momoka: The Story Behind Her Betrayal, de arimasu
16 A. Mois: The Inner Mois Appears!? de arimasu
B. Mois: More More Big Panic, de arimasu
17 A. Keroro vs. Natsumi: Decisive Battle in the Water, de arimasu
B. Fuyuki: Welcome to the Frightening World, de arimasu
18 Natsumi: Hilarity! An Adult Story by the Beach de arimasu
19 A. Keroro vs. Natsumi: Decisive Battle at the Festival, de arimasu
B. Keroro: Invasion of Your Ears by Radio, de arimasu
20 A. Fuyuki Meets a Girl, de arimasu
B. Fuyuki: Envoy Of Nonteruma, de arimasu
21 A. Keroro: Save Energy While Invading, Right? de arimasu
B. Keroro: Ambush Of the Countryside, de arimasu
22 Tamama: From Today I’m the Leader desū de arimasu
23 Panic! On That Day, the Greatest Uproar in the Hinata Residence, de arimasu
24 A. Keroro: The Righteous And Poor Space Detective, de arimasu
B. 556: The Specialist At the Front Line, de arimasu
25 Momoka: The Escape From Her Love And Youth And Troubles de arimasu
26 Keroro: United! Invasion of the Sports Festival, de arimasu
27 A. Keroro: Father is Going! Father is Coming! de arimasu
B. Keroro: Onsen Go! Go! Go! de arimasu
28 A. Keroro: Survival of the Snowball Fight, de arimasu
B. Kururu: Ku of KuKuKu, de arimasu
29 A. Natsumi and Koyuki: Their Youths Written on Stage, de arimasu
B. Keroro: The Scoop NG, de arimasu
30 A. Tamama: The Boy From Planet Keron, de arimasu
B. Momoka: Goal of a Nice Body, de arimasu
31 Keroro: Wanting to Go Home But Can't de arimasu
32A. Keroro: Gathering of the Animal Team, de arimasu
B. Giroro: The Cat also has Something to Say, de arimasu
33Keroro Platoon: Using Anime to Invade Pekopon, de arimasu
34A. Momoka vs. Koyuki: Fight for the Onsen Tickets, de arimasu
B. Keroro and Fuyuki: A Leisurely Walk, de arimasu
35Absolute Secret! The Big Plan on Natsumi's Birthday, de arimasu
36A. Keroro- Life of Death! The Sergeant vs. General Winter, de arimasu
B. Fuyuki: That's How it is, Nishizawa-san, de arimasu
37A. Dororo: Come Study at Ninja Class, de arimasu
B. Keroro's Dinosaur, de arimasu

Gallery Edit

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