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For the English-language anime adaptation, see Sgt. Frog (Funimation).

Sgt. Frog is the English-language adaptation of the manga series Keroro Gunso by Mine Yoshizaki published by Tokyopop.

Chapter titlesEdit

Volume 1
  • 001. "Enter the Sergeant!"
  • 002. "An Audience with General Mom"
  • 003. "Me, Myself and Momoka"
  • 004. "The Sarge's Quarters — Invasion From Within!"/"A Visit to the Sergeant's Quarters"
  • 005. "Cohabitation of the Third Kind"
  • 006. "Alien Observation Journal"
  • 007. "Momoka's Love: A Narrow Escape!"
  • 008. "The Hinatas Ring In a Clean New Year!"
  • 009. "Operation: Relative Interception!"
  • 010. "Momoka Platoon Strikes Back"
  • 011. "A Very Keroro Christmas"
Volume 2
  • 012. "True Confessions! A Shocking New Year"
  • 013. "The World's Smallest Invasion: The Lost Episode"
  • 014. "The Charge of the Animal Brigade!"
  • 015. "Media Attack! Operation: Welcoming Party!"
  • 016. "For Today's Youth: A Dose of Cold, Harsh Reality"
Volume 3
  • 017. "Operation: Avaricious Mixed Bathing!!"
  • 018. "Fish Battle!! Invasion Will Be Child's Play!!!"
  • 019. "The Eve of the 623 Incident!"
  • 020. "An Invasion of Convenience?"
  • 021. "Forbidden Planet? Super-Secret Operation!!"
Volume 4
  • 022. "Fuyuki Hinata's Alien Lifestyle Report"
  • 023. "Master Natsumi Rainy Rescue Operation"
  • 024. "A New Beginning? A Determined Sergeant Leaves Home"
  • 025. "Pathos: Pokopen Fair Pavilion Construction Plan"
  • 026. "A Real Hit?! Runaway Youth of the Keron Forces!!"
  • 027. "Operation: Pamper General Mom!"
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