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Ph 02-5
First appearance Keroro Land Volume 25
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian Cat
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Shimama (シママ) and Shimama (しまま) are characters featured in Keroro Land.


Shimama's name (yellow cat Keronian seen above) comes from the Japanese word for zebra, shimauma, due to the stripes all over his body but he is, ironically, not a zebra.

Ph 12
First appearance Keroro Land Volume 35
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian Island
Occupation Island owned by the Keroro Platoon.
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The other Shimama's name comes from the Japanese word for island, shima (島).


  • Shimama is one of the few Keronians having the same name, others are Pekeke, and Fuwawa.
  • Shimama (Island) is mainly used by the Keroro Platoon for activities.

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