Aki's Manga company

Shonen Kurō (Shonen Alpha) (少年 黒 (少年アルファ) (Shōnen arufa)) is a manga company where Aki Hinata works. It is a large building in Inner Tokyo. It produces a lot of successful mangas and animated shows.

Notable works Edit

Captain Geroro Edit

A successful manga, turned anime created by Aki Hinata. It was one of Shonen Alpha's greatest hits. Keroro is a huge fan of it, buying most of the merchandise and watching the TV show daily. It ended with Captain Geroro walking off into the distance.

Neo Kikurage logo

Neo Kikurage-san Edit

A family comedy manga replacing Captain Geroro as revealed by Aki in episode 317. It will be drawn by a man referred to as Yoshizaki-Sensei by Aki. It is a reference to the Neo Evangelio Franchise. Despite replacing Captain Geroro, it has not been seen or heard of since.

Unknown Action Manga Edit

A Manga created by the Manga Publisher. It was originally rejected in the Manga, but in the anime it was accepted by Aki.

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