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Space Termite
First appearance Episode 198
Voiced by Etsuko Kozakura (Only Termite #1 and #3)
Gender Male
Occupation To steal food for their queen.
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Space Termites are termites appeared during Keroro's childhood. Their ruler is the Termite Queen.


Space Termites first appeared and discovered by Keroro, stealing food, but they escaped quickly. Keroro and his friends ate a strange red candy (Similar to Kururu's emblem) and taste like curry, then suddenly they shrunk, meaning the candy has the ability to shrink anyone they ate. The three discovered that there's a hole that leads to the underground, where Space Termites store the food they stole. They encountered a Space Termite, but he looks enormous than it is, Keroro and his friends start attacking the Termite, but before that, they surprisingly encountered more Space Termites. The three ran off and ended up a cliff, a dead end. Keroro and the other two failed and they were captured by the Space Termites. The Termites sent them to the queen, which was actually Pururu. Pururu told Keroro why is she the queen of the Termites because the real queen went away because she fell in love with someone, leaving her loyal servants depressed. Pururu oredered a Space Termite to bring her some food, a Space Termite found some sort of a familar candy, but its blue, Keroro, Pururu, Giroro, and Zeroro start eating some candy, then suddenly it also taste like curry, but they were changed back to their normal sizes, opposing to the red candy ability to shrink, but the two Space Termites grew larger too (Its unknown how they did it). The two Space Termite were ordered by Pururu to clean up Keroro's secret base, angry for no reason.


Space Termites are known to be strict and brave servants who served for their queen. They also grow worried when the queen left (replaced by Pururu).

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