What's with the Edit Block?Edit

So, what's with the blackage? Werehog 12:07 AM 2/19/2010 (UTC)

Apparently, I protected it because of vandalism. I'll unprotect it if you want to. –koisuru (talk) 14:12, February 19, 2010 (UTC)
Thanks, I would really appreciate it. Werehog 3:49 PM 2/19/2010 (UTC)

Hi, I have a Question. Is Tamama a boy or a girl? The page says its a male but it LOOKS like a girl, TALKS like a girl, and has a SUPER crush on Keroro. Whats up with that? 16:57, November 20, 2011 (UTC)Stormcast180

The manga makes the same story elements for Tamama, and just by reading most of them, you can answer your own question. Tamama IS a male, he's just a young tadpole. Girl Keronians can grow out of their tails, but their face stays the same. Tamama is a homosexual, meaning he's pretty gay for his leader. I hope these answers helped. Werehog 1:35 PM 11/20/2011 (UTC)

In episode 145 it sounded like Tamama's last name was, Nitouhei. Amanda Taylor255013 (talk) 01:13, June 22, 2012 (UTC)

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