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Tamama impact.

The Tamama Impact (タママ・インパクト Tamama Inpakuto) is Tamama's standard attack. He forms a ball of yellow energy in his mouth and shoots it at the enemy as a beam. This attack can be used in a controlled manner, but occasionally is used unnecessarily when Tamama is in an envious rage.

Episode 58 (second half) introduces two variants of the Tamama Impact. First, Tamama spins around at high speeds while he forms the energy ball, making the timing of the attack unpredictable. The second is a combination of the Tamama Impact and the Jealousy Ball, and the energy, as a result of his twisted personality, will follow its target. This powerful attack can apparently only be formed when Keroro is nearby, with the exception of the time which he used the attack in Momoka Nishizawa's estate.

Despite being very powerful, the Tamama Impact is easily avoidable to enemies.

Gallery Edit

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