Teacher Itsuzuki
Itsusuki-sensei 2
Teacher Itsuzuki in her normal clothes
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 2–A
Voiced by Jennifer Seman (English)
Age Around 30 (Estimation)
Gender Female
Species / Type Pekoponian
Occupation Teacher
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Teacher Itsuzuki (先生それ鈴木 Itsusuki-sensei) is a teacher at Kissho Academy. She teaches Natsumi Hinata and her friends' regular classes, and swimming lessons.


Teacher Itsuzuki appears to be a patient and kind woman. However, she does enjoy jokes, such as planning to use the swimming time trials records to "tease the slowpokes". She was also the first to congratulate Natsumi on setting a new speed record for swimming, and later visited her house to have a parent teacher conference with Natsumi's mother, Aki Hinata.


Teacher Itsuzuki has grey eyes and brown hair done up in a ponytail with a pale pink or peach colored scrunchie. For teaching she wears what appears to be a cream colored blazer over a periwinkle top and a short grey skirt. For teaching P.E., she wears a blue-gray tracksuit with white stripes and her whistle. For swimming lessons, she wears a a dark-grey high neck one-piece bathing suit and a whistle. She also wears large glasses.

Story Edit

Teacher Itsuzuki first appears when Keroro, on the hunt for the rest of his platoon, interrupts Natsumi's gym class by posing as a volleyball. Teacher Itsuzuki watches in awe as Keroro bounces around like crazy before falling to the ground and rolling back to the window.