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Invalid episode name

[edit]Template documentation

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  • 1 - episode number
  • 2 - part (may be A, B, or none)
  • {{episode name|00|A or B}}
  • {{subst:episode name|00|A or B|subst=subst:}}

To determine if an episode (part) spans full time, use {{#ifeq:{{episode name|episode_number|A}}|{{episode name|episode_number|B}}


  • {{episode name|1|A}} - I am Sergeant Keroro, de arimasu
  • {{episode name|1|B}} - Keroro Lands, de arimasu
  • {{episode name|1}} - I am Sergeant Keroro, de arimasu
  • {{episode name|14|B}} - The Team of Five! Probably the Greatest Plan in History, de arimasu

Examples not for article namespace useEdit

  • {{episode name|{{episode count|mode=hide}}|A}} - (Last episode shown on TV)
  • {{episode name|{{episode count|mode=hide}}|B}} - (Last episode shown on TV)
  • {{episode name|{{#expr:{{episode count|mode=hide}}+1}}|A}} - (Next episode)
  • {{episode name|{{#expr:{{episode count|mode=hide}}+1}}|B}} - (Next episode)

Renaming episodesEdit

The procedure for renaming an episode is:

  1. The new title must be in accordance to consensus or an obvious correction. (The talk page may be used for this)
  2. Move the episode page to the new title.
  3. Update all links that point to the old page. (links created by {{episode name}} may not be updated until the last db "refresh")
  4. Rename the episode in the season page. (We may have a consensus about using templates to skip this step)

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