Ph 6
First appearance Keroro Land Volume 5
Anokoro Keroro Gunso 1st season
Voiced by None
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
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Toriri (トリリ) is a character from Keroro Land and Anokoro Keroro Gunso. Toriri is a member of Team Keroro. The name of the child that submitted him to the Magazine is named as "キーインさん" (Keyin-San) on the page.


Just like an owl, he has the ability to fly and he's nocturnal. He always seems to be taking care of Anokoro Keroro Gunso's Nuii.


Toriri is an owl-like Keronian covered in brown and white feathers, and a beak in place of a mouth. He has one yellow eye and one blue eye (Heterochromia, similar to Zeroyasha's and Shurara's). Toriri's symbol is a crescent.


Toriri's name is derived from the Japanese word for 'bird' "tori" ()


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