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    Now as a lot of us know by now, volume 27 of Keroro Gunso is coming out or is already out. Also at the end of episode 23.5 it said "See you next time!". Could that single line and the debut of volume 27 be a possible hint that a new season maybe coming out?

    Also, to those who didn't know, I wrote a petition to get Sunrise to make a revival series for the anime. If you hadn't signed, I'll give you the link to it. If any of you happen to have Deviantart accounts, you can help spread the word about it to users who love the show. One known user is called Tororoplz I'll name off some others as well.

    Thank you

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  • 802kup

    Any hope of it coming back?

    February 14, 2016 by 802kup

    I know that I live in the U.S and there's nothing I can do about it. But I'm hoping this show can make a return. At least another season for the flash series. Maybe the flash series can be English dubbed as well. Also maybe hoping for a new feature film maybe. This time, it could be CG animation or live action (either in Japan or the U.S. Depending on where it would be made.) This movie would be English dubbed by Funimation. (Funimation's title: Sgt Frog the Movie) Maybe a new spinoff with a slightly different 2D animation. I'm not sure. But I hope it will be back at some time. I was enjoying it so much!

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  • 802kup

    Keron's religion

    November 22, 2015 by 802kup

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    Hi it's Hanna Fechik again. Not surprisingly Keroro Gunso has inspired me to create this: "Combat Croaker"

    Now this is far different from Keroro Gunso, and hears the story.

    A Jewish-American frog named Taavi Marenberg, who lives in Michigan U.S.A, has joined the army. His best friend is a female frog, Yael Cunningham. When he's in the army he makes a lot of friends of different races, religions, etc. He learns about many cultures and makes new friends while learning at the same time that being a part of the Armed Forces is a special experience. He's also loyal to his platoon. He also owns a pet cat like how Giroro has Neko. Though the cat Taavi owns is named Chad or nicknamed Charc. It's a pale gray and middle aged female cat, covered in sca…

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    Hello, so there has been something I have been wanting to share for a long time. Not long after I have discovered this anime, I decided to make a booklet about this anime, because I just discovered that I like it so much. It's mostly color, only a few things are black and white. I'm focusing the book mostly on the aliens, but there is a few pictures of the humans. After putting the pictures in, I decorated the interior with colorful glitter. It's my new favorite homemade picture book and I love to take it to a lot of places with me.

    On the front cover is the English title of the show. (Sergeant Frog) Really the original Japanese title should be there(though it is on the inside with a rather amusing hand-written message). On the back is the …

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