Hi it's Hanna Fechik again. Not surprisingly Keroro Gunso has inspired me to create this: "Combat Croaker"

Now this is far different from Keroro Gunso, and hears the story.

A Jewish-American frog named Taavi Marenberg, who lives in Michigan U.S.A, has joined the army. His best friend is a female frog, Yael Cunningham. When he's in the army he makes a lot of friends of different races, religions, etc. He learns about many cultures and makes new friends while learning at the same time that being a part of the Armed Forces is a special experience. He's also loyal to his platoon. He also owns a pet cat like how Giroro has Neko. Though the cat Taavi owns is named Chad or nicknamed Charc. It's a pale gray and middle aged female cat, covered in scars making her look quite tough. She's Taavi's only pet and they care for each other deeply. You'd also see characters that belong in the Marines, Airforce, Coastguards, and Navy.

Other characters

Yael Cunningham- a female pink frog

Chad or "Charc the cat

The sergeant who is a leopard frog. I still have yet to come up with names The private who is a salamander A Korean-American lizard of Zen faith. A Japanese giant Salamander occupation has yet to revealed Various other animals (mostly amphibian or reptile) from Marines, Coastguards, Navy, and Air Force. A pigeon owned by the sergeant

There's also my other creation AMNAC to consider. Teaches about all five of the U.S. Armed Forces, with symbolization from five animals. Army-bear, Marines-dolphin, Navy-sea lion, Air Force-hawk, and Coastguards-cormorant. This one doesn't involve weapons and is perfectly kid-friendly. The five main characters are children themselves.

So this is what this anime has reduced me to creating and imagining. Maybe Keroro Gunso is educational after all! I have learned about many of the army ranks, and it even helped me on my World War 2 unit and test in U.S. History. It's great!

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