So, I was told by Copper that Keron does have a religion. They have the usual traditions like on earth (particulary in Japan), but whatever the Keronian faith is, it isn't Christianity, Islam, or any known faith on earth.

My idea on what this religion might be like, is that the Keronians do beleive in a god, but their religion might strictly revolve around worship of science and tech. To me it's obvious, nothing on Keron seems very old-fashioned, but very modernized and high-tech. Maybe the god of Keron is the natural force of nature that made Keronians the way they are.  Keronians may beleive that they did evolve from earth frogs and were not created by super natural causes. (Really though, I would not know any alien (weather they're real or not) that would not beleive they evolved and actually thought they were born by super natural powers. Because it's sci-fi. Sci-science.

Do Keronians probably have a special holiday devoted to their religion? Probably. We would not know what that holiday is called or it's purpose.

So what do you guys think this religion might be like. Use your imaginations.

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