Hi, I am 802kup (Real name, Hanna Joy Fechik) and I have recentley gotten into this anime!

So I have observed the life and body forms of the Keronians, Maronians, and Axolotls and decided I would create realistic depictions of them!

This is the family: Amphireptosapiono    I made this up. I guess these are just three of that class of extra terrestrial life!

Other examples of this alien family are.......... (made most of these up)

Keronian realistic


Axolotl realistic


Maronian realistic


Waninians: Crocodilians: Crocodile, alligator, and caiman 

Kameminians: Turtles and Tortises

Ashinians (Traditional: Ashinashiimorians) caecilians 

Chikyu Doragonians: Earth dragons

Imorininians: Newts

Tochi no takageians: land Lizards

Hebibians: Snakes (Not to be confused with the other aliens called Vipers)

Lastly the 3 we know well in this series...........

Keronians: frogs and toads

Maronians: sea lizards

Axolotlins: Salamanders

PS: I used google translate to look up the Japanese words for all real reptile and amphibian known and put a few more letters describing what extra terrestrial reptilian or amphibious being they are.

EX. Wani (Crocodilia)

       Imori (newts

Herpotology: Study of the two ectotherms we call reptiles and amphibians!

Caecillian alien

Ashininian (cacilian alien) Caecilian( otherwise known as Gymnophiona)

Question: By the way, is anyone here an artist? Because if anybody is, I have some picture ideas/requests from this anime, and I want to know if anybody is interested in doing them.

Really enjoyed making this blog post.

Please comment!

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