I got an email from an admin of

Hello,? As I mentioned in the wall post, I'm one of the Administrators over at? Keroro? The site's staff and I are currently remodeling the entire site. We are interested in forming a partnership between our community and yours once we are complete (around January). The way this partnership can work could be, for example, we would advertise Keroro Wiki all over our site and make it as the "go-to" place for detailed Keroro info. Conversely, you could choose to separate a few spaces on your wiki front page for Keroro World. We would both benefit in the crucial advertising front. Plus, together, we can create the ultimate source for all things Keroro.? ? I'm eagerly waiting for your response with interest.? ? Thank you,? "Blimf" -- Admin of Keroro World? Wha do you admins think?

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