A gun idea i made up that would be cool in Borderlands 2

Level Requirement 50

The (Legendary/ E-Tech) "De Arimasu"

Damage: 6000-6300

Accuracy: 93-96

Fire Rate: 8.3-9.5

Reload Speed: 2.3

Magazine Size: 30-45

  • (Red Text) "Gerogerogerogerogero" (This text means that the gun shoots yellow and red stars and

when reloaded, the gun exploaded shoots out star shaped shrapnel, which does not hurt the



The gun should have a green body and a yellow sight. It should have a silver ball at the end of

the barrel, like the guns in Sgt. Frog.

This gun is a reference to Sgt. Frog and the fact that Keroro says "De Arimasu".

It should drop from a giant frog boss.

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