aka Cristofer Osorio

  • I live in Antofagasta
  • I was born on October 2
  • My occupation is Estudiante inform├ítico, usuario YouTube
  • I am Masculino
  • GralOsorio

    No active Admins

    June 3, 2013 by GralOsorio

    Long-time ago, admins left this wiki (the last one was DemonicWaffle). I think it's time to fix this problem, and stop vandalism once and for all. For now, I'm waiting the results from an adoption request on the Spanish equivalent of this wiki. At any case, I hope to count on all of you to adopt this wiki when the time shall be right.

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  • GralOsorio

    Protect main articles

    January 27, 2013 by GralOsorio

    I think this wiki is falling to vandalism very quickly. Not even the Spanish version (which I work mostly), has fallen so much. I need to contact an admin of this wiki and request semi-protection of several articles I'll list soon. Please, this is just whining...

    Update 03/02/2013

    The main characters are between the most important:

    • Keroro
    • Tamama
    • Giroro
    • Kururu
    • Dororo
    • Fuyuki Hinata
    • Natsumi Hinata
    • Aki Hinata
    • Momoka Nishizawa
    • Mutsumi Saburo
    • Koyuki Azumaya

    These articles requires semi-protection.

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