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November 23, 2014
  • HalfKiruruGeneral

    I need to make some changes in my fiction, so the original characters look even more cool, and I've figure out the name for the key character Lieutenant Colonel. The name's Ryakuku.

    1. The battle between Shin Keroro, Black Star, Alisa Southerncross and Anti-Invasion Supreme Commander must be very epic. Shin Keroro can change to G-Style, D-Style, T-Style and use his Kero ball to battle. The blue rings all over Black Star's body contains a dozen of datas as well as his dark magic-like abilities to battle. Alisa & Nevula are skillful monster hunter. Their opponent is a masked keronian who possess strong Kiruru power. Despite Shin Keroro, Black Star & Alisa are very strong, they can't even hurt Anti-Invasion Supreme Commander. Ultimately, Shin …

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  • HalfKiruruGeneral

    2014, 3 years after Keroro anime ended in episode 358 (the manga is still ongoing) and now there is Keroro Flash Series with duration of 3 minutes each episode, featuring Shin Keroro, Black Star and two new human characters. And now we don't know whether there is new anime which continues from the original series next year. Instead of waiting, I had wrote a Keroro fan-fiction myself on Deviantart. My Deviant ID is 640509-0401. Some parts of my fiction should be close to Keroro Gunso true storyline and it has an ending for the series. Yep, just fiction, no fan-art, no pictures for my fan-fiction, I have my own orikero, but I have no ideas of suitable names nor fan-art of them. I am sorry. Maybe you don't like Keroro fan-fiction, but my fict…

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