2014, 3 years after Keroro anime ended in episode 358 (the manga is still ongoing) and now there is Keroro Flash Series with duration of 3 minutes each episode, featuring Shin Keroro, Black Star and two new human characters. And now we don't know whether there is new anime which continues from the original series next year. Instead of waiting, I had wrote a Keroro fan-fiction myself on Deviantart. My Deviant ID is 640509-0401. Some parts of my fiction should be close to Keroro Gunso true storyline and it has an ending for the series. Yep, just fiction, no fan-art, no pictures for my fan-fiction, I have my own orikero, but I have no ideas of suitable names nor fan-art of them. I am sorry. Maybe you don't like Keroro fan-fiction, but my fiction is not novel-like, I wrote what events had happen in numbered order and it should be close to Keroro's true storyline. The primary antagonist in my story is a half-keronian who possess strong Kiruru power and he has Kiruru eyes. Keroro and other main characters did a lot of things back on Earth, and Keroro wished to take human characters to visit Planet Keron, and they did. But that's because something happens there, Fuyuki, Natsumi and others help Keroro Platoon..... to save Planet Keron. No romance elements in the original series, well my fictions do have. Keroro's girl is a keronian who is more beautiful than Pururu and she's the main character. Dororo's girl is a cute keronian who loves him since childhood because of a reason and she's the secondary character. And Giroro, guess who his True love is: she's keronian, not human girl. And one more thing, (sad) some characters died later in my story. It has a good ending anyway. I wish there are some Japanese readers who will read my fiction so Mine Yoshizaki will know about it in some way.


My Deviant ID is 640509-0401 because that's Hitman video game Agent 47's barcode number: 640509-040147. Missing 47.

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