aka Hazel

  • I live in Pekopon, of course!
  • I was born on August 25
  • My occupation is Animating and doodling random crap in the margins of tests. "-5 Points" my arse!
  • I am Female. :3
  • Hazelstiltskin

    Well, this certainly seemed like a good way for me to see some new faces around here. :3

    In this discussion, I'll be writing about the Keroro Platoon in order of how much I like them, why, and what I dislike about them.

    After reading, feel free to post your own list for comparing, and, well, discussion!

    Note: If you dislike the order or something I wrote about a character, don't start flaming. We are all entitled to our opinions here, hence the word 'discussion'. xD

    #5 Favorite Frog in the Platoon: Tamama
    Look, now; just because Tamama is last on my list doesn't mean I hate him. It's just that he hasn't earned a place higher up in my views. I like his witty remarks while at the same time remaining the innocent and cute one; his personalities grea…
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