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  • Tails10546


    February 17, 2013 by Tails10546

    There have been very very weird pages that have words that may look like this: MHFDhyewgxhjI. Now I bad with spelling but what the heck is this?! We need help on this wiki.


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  • Tails10546

    Google Translate

    January 5, 2013 by Tails10546


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  • Tails10546

    I'm haveing a hard time finding episodes. List of Keroro Gunso episodes will say what the episode name is but when I look at other pages I don't get it. Let me show you: on Taruru page it say this "Incoming! Keroro Platoon's Number One Fan" but at list of episodes it says "Tamama, Youth From Keron Planet / Twit Came from Outer Space" and then I found out the episode name is "Tamama, the Boy from Planet Kero". Tell me...WHAT'S ONING ON HERE?! I can't even find the episode page. Also I want to show you something that's helps. Translatorwill help you with Japanese. Hope you like it. Bye!


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  • Tails10546

    It came out in 2011. That's all. :3

    Here are my old links about the movie:

    • Keroro movie 6.
    • Keroro movie 6 opening.
    • 2 Keroro movie 6 photos.[1]
    • Keroro movie 6 characters.
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  • Tails10546

    Hello and I'm talking about the characters from Super Movie: Star of the Solar Plants.

    Let me show you who going be in it.

    • Keroro
    • Tamama
    • Giroro
    • Kururu
    • Dororo
    • Natsumi
    • Fuyuki
    • Aki
    • Momoka
    • Paul
    • Saburo
    • Koyuki

    • Kirara (Alien)
    • Purara (Alien)

     Now I'm thinking they will be show beacuse I was them in Keroro movie 5.

    • Kiruru
    • Mirara
    • Meru
    • Maru
    • Dark Keroro
    • Miruru
    • Shivava
    • Doruru
    • Nazca
    • Shion
    • The Keroro Platoon as dragons
    • Terara (Not so sure)
    • Io
    • Rana
    • Mana (Not so sure)
    • Akuaku

    •  Garuru Platoon

    Also here are my old links about this movie:

    • Keroro movie 6.
    • Keroro movie 6 opening.
    • 2 Keroro movie 6 photos.
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