• Toriri


    March 3, 2013 by Toriri

    I do not get on this site anymore, at all. Nor am I currently interested in the series. So please stop leaving messages for me because I'll probably end up getting them much later than you think.

    If you need me to do something that you can't do yourself then tell me NOW. Now as in, RIGHT. NOW.

    Because I do not want to take part in this community any longer. Sorry.

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  • Toriri

    Collection of Wiki Syntax

    December 6, 2012 by Toriri

    I wasn't sure if I should make a link to this on the front page or not, since I'm not sure if I'm the only one having trouble remembering what all the codes and shortcuts were that you can use on a wiki! :3

    So I'll be showing you a page with a list of helpful syntax. You should bookmark it if you think you'll forget some of it or want to go back for reference. :S

    Wiki Syntax

    Most of the stuff they list here, the Wikia has shortcuts for, but if you wanted to know anyway here you go.

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  • Toriri


    July 5, 2012 by Toriri

    Just fucking.. Stop. If your edit is going to mess up the templates for anything, or mess up the layout for a page. DON'T BOTHER. JUST STOP. STOPSTOP.

    and STOP fucking trying to add fanon to everything, stop making pointless pages for your orikero or OTP or whatever. e_e

    this wikia should be used as an informative archive of what goes on in the manga/anime.

    You wanna do things like

    "YukiHana" or "GiroNatsu" (which isn't canon, it's onesided) then go make your own fucking wikia.

    I'm getting tired of having to fix all your peoples mistakes.

    and YOU, Koisuru. Stay the fuck away from everything. I saw what you did to the main page. e_e You're lucky I was able to undo your fuck up.

    Anyway, guys.. I get it, you wanna have fun here. e_e But. There's an …

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  • Toriri

    What the hell?

    June 29, 2012 by Toriri

    I can't add comments or reply to comments on peoples profiles anymore?? And other things have been acting screwy too. Idek what's going on. :c

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  • Toriri

    There's an ORIKERO wikia for a reason :I

    and tired of these random troll pages poppping with the most random text in it?? Tired of people adding speculation to articles for Keroro and Zoruru, for example.

    Instead of uh.. fixing up what only needs a few tweaks here and there, we start to put together pages for the Keroro Land characters? As I remember, barely any of them had pages =C

    Just a thought.

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