Just fucking.. Stop. If your edit is going to mess up the templates for anything, or mess up the layout for a page. DON'T BOTHER. JUST STOP. STOPSTOP.

and STOP fucking trying to add fanon to everything, stop making pointless pages for your orikero or OTP or whatever. e_e

this wikia should be used as an informative archive of what goes on in the manga/anime.

You wanna do things like

"YukiHana" or "GiroNatsu" (which isn't canon, it's onesided) then go make your own fucking wikia.

I'm getting tired of having to fix all your peoples mistakes.

and YOU, Koisuru. Stay the fuck away from everything. I saw what you did to the main page. e_e You're lucky I was able to undo your fuck up.

Anyway, guys.. I get it, you wanna have fun here. e_e But. There's an ORIKERO wikia in the first place, there are USER TALK PAGES AND BLOGS for a reason. You are ABLE TO CREATE YOUR OWN WIKIA, too. Make use of the tools you have. Not everything needs a page, like.. "Plushies." What the fuck? Okay. You have pictures of keronian plushies. Good for you. Why does it need a page?

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