• Xuntong1

    The small white face on the cloth light *, is fair, fog ailing faint, quite become warped nose of Joan small cute, the diamond lips disc like petals, show hao wan in grain under yarn, dressed in a discount on the branch plum blossom Ru, white white plait skirt, cloud bun high *, oblique insert small chicken point step wave, the whole people an elegant and pure and fresh morning in the pool of Ephraim was just blooming lotus.

    Grow evil mei is unusual, a pair of long thin peach blossom eyes LianYan moving hold water, the proud stand of abercrombie and fitch clothing for cheap , thickness of moderate red lips and skin as snow, glittering and translucent, a head of the silk brocade silk fabric such as smooth, with a host of random in brain.


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