• Xuntong2

    The man in the white smoke cage plum flower all saints store new york , cover with PinYue satin yulan UFO Chang clothes, lined with light pink satin-covered , sleeve embroider with fine JinWen butterfly, chest skirt the bait of a few silk of lace, the skirt an ochric such as clear mist cage silk yarn diarrhea, waist is a belt, expensive gas and appear gentle and graceful figure, gas if orchids, quietly inter-relationships lies a secret vault gold, smooth added a quietly elegant of the gas, ear side drop a pair of silver butterfly eardrop, with a silver zan hold black hair, dish into delicategain choke a yulan don't, were pure and fresh and beautiful and elegant extremely. Diane eyebrow be gentle, cherry lips disc don't dye and red, emanateā€¦

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