The man in the white smoke cage plum flower all saints store new york , cover with PinYue satin yulan UFO Chang clothes, lined with light pink satin-covered , sleeve embroider with fine JinWen butterfly, chest skirt the bait of a few silk of lace, the skirt an ochric such as clear mist cage silk yarn diarrhea, waist is a belt, expensive gas and appear gentle and graceful figure, gas if orchids, quietly inter-relationships lies a secret vault gold, smooth added a quietly elegant of the gas, ear side drop a pair of silver butterfly eardrop, with a silver zan hold black hair, dish into delicategain choke a yulan don't, were pure and fresh and beautiful and elegant extremely. Diane eyebrow be gentle, cherry lips disc don't dye and red, emanates all over you sweet aroma of bluegrass, comely and do not break filar silk charm. Sending out the noble flavor, beautiful not between the , beautiful to and when. Like a ride into the fairy, swung to the jade face ROM fan, elegant and temperament.
Wearing a slightly too simple meal white all saints spitalfields opening hours , with dark brown silk thread on cloth embroidered with a great flourish in any branches, pink silk threads embroidery out pieces of full , from skirt extends to the waist, an obscure purple obi tighten slender waist, shows the gentle and graceful figure, but to a kind of elegant do not break showily feel, with a shallow purple outside the open all saints spitalfields new york , every move are entertained ShaYi some smooth flow feeling, the waist with a piece of all saints spitalfields los angeles , smooth added a Confucianism elegant gas. Hands with a milky , a head of long hair with surprisingly white and purple ribbons Wan out a slightly multifarious hairdo, do not live up to this beautiful head of surprising of , the hair with some rose essence, send out a stream of charming fragrance, put on the hair with a jade clasp with made of son, try to be unique makes the experiments with bamboo appearance, it really make people think that she was with branches in green bamboo head, forehead thin and long fringe tidy rigorous. Use carbon black on the draw LiuYeMei, more lining out skin exquisite, enchanting charming phoenix eye look circulation in between all show brilliance, with pink rouge let skin appear white inside deeply red, the lip of the only with shallow red lips red, of the whole face looks especiallyCopyright © 2011 . Powered by all saints

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