Viper (Young Man) is a young viper. This viper wanted a cell phone charm that Giroro also wanted. This Viper was seen in episode 35, season 4. Viper wanted to give the cell phone charm to a female Viper because he was in love with her. In the end, Giroro and Viper became friends and Viper was trying to give the phone charm to Giroro. However, while they were arguing, Mois bought the charm to give to Keroro.


Young Viper looks a lot like Viper.


Giroro - Viper was that Giroro was trying to get the cell phone charm too that make him mad. When Viper talks about why he want the phone it had make Giroro sad. At the end Viper and Giroro where friends and Viper want Giroro to have the phone.

Girl Viper (That Girl) - When it show the girl viper on the show it also say that girl. Viper was in love with her and then he was that girl going out with a viper and that's why viper want it the phone.

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