Keroro Gunsou 273 009 0001
First appearance Keroro Gunso Episode 273
Voiced by Yu Kobayashi (Japanese)
Aliases Dansuno Maso (Real Name)
Age 17
Gender Male
Species / Type Humanoid Alien
Occupation Up-Coming Comedian
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Yamada-kun or Yamada (山田くん, 山田) is a fictional character from the series Keroro Gunso. He is Dansuno Maso's son, and his real name is also Dansuno Maso.


He came from the capsule that crashed into the Hinata Residence's field. He states that he had no memories, so they gave him a name, Yamada-kun.

But he's actually revealed to be another Dasonu Maso


Main article: Yamada-kun Gallery

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