Lt. Zezeze Tototoso
First appearance Episode 154
Species / Type Alien
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ZZZ (Lt. Zezeze Tototoso) was a monster that came to destroy the Earth in Episode 154. The Keroro Platoon had to use Alien Street`s
robot arm to go to space. When they encountered it, the Garuru Platoon attacked it. Garuru said that he encountered it during his vacation. He also said ZZZ`s name without biting his tongue.

While the Keroro Platoon were pressing buttons inside the robot arm to make it transform, the Garuru Platoon attacked it. When the robot arm was ready to transform, ZZZ shot the Garuru Platoon`s ship down. Dororo got the whole robot toghether, and they all tried to attack it. However, in the end, ZZZ slipped on a space banana peel, and it fell through the void of space.


  • ZZZ is loosely based on the monster from the Ultraman series, Zetton.

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